Qubo Gas et Julien Boucq

Yellow Brick Road

30 June - 15 October 2017

As part of the St’art festival in Lens, artconnexion invited the art collective Qubo Gas and the artist Julien Boucq to create Yellow Brick Road, an art path between the Louvre-Lens museum and the town centre of Lens.

Yellow Brick Road is an invitation to the museum visitors to continue their visit towards the town centre. It also offers a new experience of reaching the heart of the city for the town's residents.

The title of the project refers to the path taken by Dorothy to meet the Wizard of Oz in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. In the 1939 cinematographic adaptation, this scene is where the black and white movie turns into colour. It illustrates the crossing between real and imaginary worlds.

artconnexion chose three artists to work together to create a comprehensive artwork encompassing different parts of an itinerary. At each stage, the same materials, shapes and colors are used in a variety of forms. The artists are Julien Boucq, whose works focuses on the notion of territory and landscape, and the collective Qubo Gas, represented by Morgan Dimnet and Jef Ablezot, who have developed a drawing practice which combines new technologies, edition, craft, decorative art, and design.

Together, the artists aim to bring a summer party feeling to Lens, celebrating lightness and the ephemeral.The path between the town-centre and the Louvre-Lens museum is dressed with colourful, organic shapes and materials playing with natural elements.

Yellow House - the project house / artists’ studio

At 9 rue de Paris in Lens, a temporary studio presents the Yellow Brick Road project. The artists are using the space to prepare the different components of the installation (silk-screen printing, painting, sewing) and the public is welcome to visit and view the creative process.


- Workshop with Julien Boucq, Saturday 1st of July 2017 : Creation of posters using print blocks

- Screen printing workshop with Qubo Gas from Wednesday 5 untill Friday 7 July 2017 : Production of a limited edition