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artconnexion enjoys regional, national and international recognition for its know-how as a producer of works commissioned by civil society in the context of public and private collaborations.

As mediator-producer for the “New Patrons” programme initiated by the Fondation de France, artconnexion accompanies art commissions that respond to the desires and needs of citizens. Since 2000, artconnexion has produced over forty socially-engaged artworks in Northern France, Norway, Poland and the UK.

The New Patrons programme allows citizens confronted with social or local development issues in their territory to involve contemporary artists in response to their concerns, by commissioning an artwork.

Its originality is based on the conjunction between three privileged actors: the artist, the commissioning citizen and the mediator-producer accompanied by public and private partners involved in the project.

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Philémon Vanorlé


2018 - on going

Roubaix (59)

Citizen commission

The Roubaix-Tourcoing Children's and Family Centre wanted to commission an artist to promote the transfer of gardening knowledge and innovative agricultural techniques in an urban environment. In response to this commission, Philémon Vanorlé proposed a composite work, a mobile horticultural tool for the Patron. After a phase of experimentation with the mobile vehicule, Cataplasme will continue in the form of a film