What’s on

What’s on

Tania Kovats


May, 4 - July, 16, 2022

The solo exhibition Oceanic contains a selection of works by British artist Tania Kovats. These works produced for the exhibition,
or showcased in France for the first time, are a testimony of the artist’s bond with the sea and her engagement with our urgent climate crisis.

Cette mer qui nous entoure

Collective exhibition

Espace Le Carré, Lille


Cette mer qui nous entoure takes up the title of marine biologist Rachel Carson's book (The Sea Around Us) published by Oxford University Press in 1951. The author, a notorious figure of global ecology, gives a narrative and scientific account of the ocean.

Nicolas Floc'h

The Colour of Water

2014 - ongoing

Research project

Solo show, Invisible, Galerie Maubert, 29 October - 24 December 2021

Hubert Loisel (researcher) and Nicolas Floc'h work together on the subject of the colour of water, which enables them to understand and characterise, on a large scale, the biological variations of the environment.