artconnexion stimulates and supports artistic research with a particular focus on transdisciplinary approaches, especially between art and science.

In research projects, dialogue and exchange between artists and citizens guide the creative process. artconnexion allows everyone to provide perspective on artistic projects; the education programme is devised together with social, educational and institutional partners.

The desire to pass on our savoir-faire has enabled artconnexion to forge a close partnership with the University of Lille. The organisation frequently hosts projects by students of the Master of Arts - Exhibition-Production course as well as interns.

Since 2014, artconnexion has accompanied the artist Nicolas Floc'h in the production of his work on maritime spaces within the framework of research programmes of the Fondation de France and the Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation.

In addition, since January 2019, artconnexion has been implementing the University Diploma “Faire œuvre comme on fait société : médiation-production en arts contemporains”. This course invites professionals to rethink the relationship between civil society, artists and public and private players.

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Novembre 2022 -

Le cycle Rethink! pour l’année 2022/2023 s’inscrit dans l’accompagnement artistique du projet Le Pont mené par artconnexion. Il réunit 6 jeunes artistes qui travaillent en collectif : Thibault Barois et Amine Haddadi (Collectif Des Terres), Wilfried Dsainbayonne et Paul Ralu (membres du collectif Papier Bulle et Gants Blancs) et Morgane Clerc et Florian Clerc (duo ORAN)