Initiated in February 2020 with The Museum of Loss and Renewal as part of Refresh! artconnexion is continuing with Rethink! the “artists rendez-vous”.

Noting that they did not have the opportunity to discuss their respective practices and current projects, the artists expressed the wish that an art organisation could organise these meetings.

This is a new form of support that goes beyond the production of a new art project. Meetings are set where, in turn, the artists confront their current research to the opinion and ideas of other artists.

A group of artists has been formed, composed of Sandra Gil, Galerie Rezeda, Duo Oran, Anne-Émilie Philippe, Clio Simon and Philémon Vanorlé.


The first artist talk was led by The Museum of Loss and Renewal and focused on the impact of the pandemic crisis on the visual arts sector and more specifically on artists' practice.

For the second artist talk, Clio Simon shared her current research. During the discussion, she refered to the multiple questions raised by her project and exchanged with the artists on the artistic issues of the project.

During the third meeting between artists, Morgane and Florian Clerc from the duo Oran presented an on-going project at the Ecological Garden in Lille based on the Clandestine flower (Lathraea clandestina).