Philippe Bazin

Une heure de travail and Scottish Landscapes

July - August 2002

The Glenfiddich Whisky Distillery invited artconnexion to commission a French artist to spend three months of the summer as part of the Glenfiddich residency programme in Scotland (UK).

Philippe Bazin developped two projects during his residency at the Glenfiddich whisky distillery. The first, Une Heure de travail, is directly linked to the distillery and presents the video portraits of some ten employees who agreed to stare silently at the camera for an hour without moving, and to do so during their working hours. The second, Battle Landscapes, is a series of photographs of famous battlefields in the vicinity of the distillery, such as Stirling Bridge (1297), Nechtansmere (685), Flodden Field (1513), Lumphanan (1057).

These works were presented in a catalogue published by Glenfiddich, as well as in a solo exhibition at Galerie Anne Barault, end August 2003.