Patrick Dubrac

La sculpture : les pluies

9 - 30 April 2004

Started on 1 January 1996, the implementation of this project relied on carrying out a simple transaction : collecting rainwater and having it collected in several locations for a month.

The exhibition presented at artconnexion was designed as a reading room. A selection of texts, drawings, photographs and books produced during the eight years and four months when the rainwater was being collected allowed the public to apprehend the project in its intirety.

In the Jardin Botanique (Botanical Gardens - Lille Sud), thirty square floating parcels of turf covered with mirrors, each with side measurements of 20 cm, were installed on the pool. A rain gauge was affixed to each mirror, a fragment of displaced landscape, a metaphor for the water collection surveys carried out over the thirty days of the month of April 2003 at Châtenet in the department of Creuse and at Lille for artconnexion.

At the same time, a water collection was made in the Kent with the partnership of the city of Folkestone.