Nicolas Floc'h

Initium Maris Civis

Initium Maris Civis is the learning chapter of the Initium Maris project. It is a specific project devised for children from ten primary and secondary school classes in the Brittany region in an artistic and scientific investigation process in order to discover the diversity of marine environments, in connection with terrestrial environments. Based on Nicolas Floc'h's artistic practice and notably his photographic work, the pupils start from their mental projection and then discover and explore other views and modes of representation.

This project is based on the discovery of landscape that is usually invisible, a cross between art, science and society. The French National Institute for Ocean Science - Ifremer, the association Cap vers la nature, Artconnexion and Passerelle Centre d'art contemporain, have joined forces to design and run this educational project.

Initium Maris Civis is also a tool for raising awareness for all audiences and invites us to question our relationship with the ocean, its productivity but also the representations we have of it.