The art of walking

March - December 2019

In 2019, artconnexion has inaugurated a new cycle of research-action around walking as an artistic practice.

This cycle, which was free and open to all, was an exploration into why artists consider walking a necessary way of apprehending the world and to observe how walking contributes to creative discoveries.

As a basic mode of travel, walking is as much the last resort of the poorest populations as it is a passion for the privileged. Artists navigate these paradoxes. The general public's interest in walking is a recent social phenomenon; artists have long been developing singular and diversified practices around the issue. The project combines different approaches to the question of walking (as an aesthetic practice, as a production tool, as a means of exploration, as a way of identifying an issue, etc.) to reveal the metropolitan territory and the ways of experiencing it in a different way.

This programme, divided into 7 events from March to December 2019, focused on the practice of walking in contemporary art while opening up other questions: the changing city, local policies and the place of the pedestrian in public space, the practice of geography on foot and the identity of the urban and natural landscape. Various lectures and artistic walks were organised throughout the Lille urban area and beyond.

This programme invited the public to explore the city with artists, guided by art historians, urban planners and landscape architects all interested in the phenomenon of walking in contemporary society.