Gilbert Boyer

Locataires de lecture et Soupirs du Nord


In the urban universe, between private and public space, Gilbert Boyer, an artist from Quebec, feels "like a fish in the city".

His work wants to prove once more "the evidence of intimacy": whether in Montreal, Toronto, New York, or Auby, the same process is installed. Gilbert Boyer, artist-in-residence in Auby (59), is concerned above all with the place and its memory, made up of all the stories of the every day of a permanently evolving community.

Public art and private art: this work was carried out thanks to various collaborations between the artist and the people of Auby. The artist captures the sound of voices, the shadows of broken conversations, surreptitiously acquired as a tribute to everyday life.

In an abandoned chapel, Gilbert Boyer proposed a sound installation, Locataires de lecture, based on a text by Peter Handke, as well as an itinerary in the "voyettes" (small hidden lanes) of Auby, behind the workers' gardens, entitled Familièrement. He also created an installation at the Espace Blanc exhibition space, with reference to the mining past, and a sound installation in the basement, Soupirs du Nord.