Fred Sandback

4 April - 17 May 1998

In 1998, the artist Fred Sandback produced an installation composed of woollen threads to connect the different architectural elements of the space at 10 – 12 rue du Priez.

" Since 1972 Fred Sandback has used nothing but woollen thread for his sculpture, stretching them from the walls to the ceiling or floor so as to link the different architectural elements. In this manner, he created planes and volumes that are paradoxically endowed with a tremendous physical presence, in spite of the fragility and flimsiness of the means used. The artist refused to enclose, to shut in, so rejecting one of the traditional aspects of sculpture. For him, it was not question of changing the exhibition space, but rather of inserting something into it and transforming it in the viewer's memory. Fred Sandback stated that he had a rather intuitive approach to sculpture and could work successfully in a place only by confronting it, which he did at the Musée d'art moderne de Villeneuve d'Ascq and even more so at artconnexion where he specially created a work "in situ" ".

G. Vanhersel in "Fred Sandback, Où est la sculpture ?", Sans Titre, n°16, Jan-Feb-March 1992