Erwin Wurm

One minute forever

24 May - 6 July 2013

artconnexion is pleased to announce the presentation of a new exhibition by the Austrian artist Erwin Wurm.

Erwin Wurm aims at widening the notion of sculpture. He confronts it with performative art and questions volume beyond forms. His sculptures, actions and videos result from unexpected combination of several images or ideas and reveal his somewhat cynical yet humorous gaze on society.

One minute forever’s starting point lies in the series One Minute Sculptures, with which he gained public recognition in the 1990s. These One Minute Sculptures invite the public to obey an instruction involving an everyday object, thus putting them in a surprising position for a very short moment. These still actions are transformed into ephemeral sculptures that disappear after one minute. Only the trace remains through photography or video, which is unusual for sculpture. These pictures of absurd situations are both humorous and self-derisory. Erwin Wurm maliciously questions our everyday life and stresses the contingency of human life.

For the exhibition at artconnexion, the artist invites the viewer himself to experiment the notion of sculpture through several protocols – funny and odd instructions – along with few incongruous objects – bananas, pens or teacups. The exhibition also shows photographs and a new work playing on the notion of time in sculpture.

The exhibition foreshadows the installation of a permanent work of the artist on Place François Mitterrand in Lille. This work is commissioned by Maison de l’architecture et de la ville (MAV) and SPL Euralille as part of the New Patrons initiative supported by the Fondation de France (mediation-production: artconnexion).