Jeppe Hein

Intervention Impact

3 April - 15 June 2019

artconnexion invited the Danish artist Jeppe Hein (born in 1974 in Copenhagen, lives and works in Berlin), to present Intervention Impact for the first time in France.

Often described as immersive or interactive, Jeppe Hein's installations are the site of individual or collective affirmative experiences. In providing a place to encounter others, these installations bring about transformation through gestures or reflections. Mirror installations, motion devices, water games, the works of Jeppe Hein are open invitations which are fulfilled in the moments of joyful introspection or collective action they offer.

The exhibition is itself an invitation to a physical as well as an aesthetic and reflexive experience. It revolves around the project Intervention Impact consisting of 200 white cubes cut on one angle. Their arrangement in the space results from a collaboration between the artist who proposes the initial form, an element that can be shaped into bridges, arches and various other stacks, and the audience who take up the proposal with a constantly evolving piece. Intervention Impact is a moving sculpture that passes from one person to another, creating a performative exhibition.