Tracy Mackenna & Edwin Janssen

Vagabond Flux

2013 - 2014

The context

In the context of the Art Prod Lab seminar, a group of students of the Master CEAC (Visual Arts – Exhibition/Production) were thinking about exhibition modalities and new forms of exhibitions. The commission was specifically to create a mobile exhibition unit that would host a changing array of artworks, contextualised by discursive events.

The commission

Vagabond Flux consists of multiple white cardboard boxes based on the form of a cube. The box playfully refers to the ‘white cube’ identity of a conventional gallery yet with each new site that Vagabond Flux temporarily inhabits, the concept of the 'white cube' is turned on its head.

"Our key objective for Vagabond Flux was that it should be both an artwork and a mobile physical structure that would enable the students to initiate collaborations with organisations and places beyond their University programme, both using and expanding the traditional circuits of contemporary art, while putting the students into contact with a broad range of publics." Tracy Mackenna & Edwin Janssen

Tracy Mackenna & Edwin Janssen

Tracy Mackenna and Edwin Janssen have collaborated since 1997 after meeting as participants in the biennial Manifesta1, before which each had solo careers. Their expanded practice is a discursive site for production, collaboration, social engagement and reflection. Exhibition projects, environments, publications and writing integrate art making, presentation, exchange and education.