The Museum of Loss and Renewal - Tracy Mackenna & Edwin Janssen


January - March 2020

artconnexion invited The Museum of Loss and Renewal (Tracy Mackenna & Edwin Janssen) to reflect on the values and philosophy of artconnexion. As "agents of change" , they helped identify possible developments around key issues.

The "agents of change" defined with the artconnexion team the commitments and key themes of the structure: research and artistic production, particularly in connection with the territory, the environment, sustainable development, care and hospitality.

In March 2020, Tracy Mackenna & Edwin Janssen designed a code of good practice with the team, a sustainable development programme and a programme for the year 2021.

Tracy Mackenna & Edwin Janssen also produced a publication summarizing their observations on artconnexion and a list of action points to be implemented by the organisation.