Tania Kovats


May, 4 - July, 16, 2022

Opening on May, 3

The solo exhibition Oceanic contains a selection of works by British artist Tania Kovats. These works produced for the exhibition, or showcased in France for the first time, are a testimony of the artist’s bond with the sea and her engagement with our urgent climate crisis.

Tania Kovats is interested in environmental and personal ecologies, and the intersection of landscape, nature and culture. Her sensitive approach strives to question how we navigate our critical relationship with nature.

The artist has a multidisciplinary practice, exploring sculpture, drawing, writing, painting and video. For some years, water has been the main object of her research: seas and oceans, maritime culture, floods, and tides are all topics that the artist tackles from a socio-political, personal, and environmental perspective. Tania Kovats’ work invites us – as terrestrial creatures – to be conscious of the ways in which the state of our seas affects the health of every living being.