Patrick Bougelet

LMB (la maison de) un inventaire extrait n°4

7 - 20 December 2001

The work of Patrick Bougelet LMB (la maison de) has been the subject of three exhibitions to date (Calais in 1997, Luxembourg in 1998 and Bailleul in 1999) and of several publications.

The same problematic is constantly at work in this work, although there are many developments. Each time, it is a question of presenting, adapted to the exhibition space, a part of a set of objects that were found in The House.

Because the owner of the house is anonymous, it can be anyone's house. The objects in it are everyone's. Objects that have no importance in terms of market value, but which will have a particular fate because of the artist's will: "Since all objects are bound to disappear sooner or later, I would like to create an 'event' that would allow them to be remembered by giving them a status other than that of simple everyday object or antique".

The inventory is what Georges Perec calls an "attempt at exhaustion" and this exercise will in fact never be anything more than an attempt, the emotional value of the objects not being taken into account.

Extract n°4 is articulated around the creation of a website which was presented at artconnexion. It corresponds to the device implemented by the artist since the first exhibition: a rigorous system of indexing objects matches texts, graphic representations and real (or photographic) presentations; this indexing system includes a contextual referencing concerning the places, material elements, and even various containers, in which these objects are found.

Also, the hypertext referencing system makes it possible to move more easily and quickly between the different elements than the viewer could do in an exhibition. Interactivity, an intrinsic notion of the Internet, makes it possible to make the viewer active by giving him the possibility of choosing his path.