Nicolas Floc'h

Setouchi Triennal

19th July - 4th November 2019

Nicolas Floc'h created a work for the Setouchi Triennal that presents the characteristics of this inland sea. He carried out on-site research into the artificial reefs of the region in order to produce a new photographic series.

The exhibition space, Kitahama Creators' Studio, shows a series of photographs of artificial reefs (reefs from around the world and from the Seto Sea) as well as an original site-specific installation based around monochrome images of the water column (the colour of the Seto Sea as well as images of oceans elsewhere). The exhibition space is bathed in the colour of water.

The colour of the water makes it possible to determine the composition of the environment and the type of phytoplankton present, a vital element for marine species and for all species on the planet, playing an essential role in regulating the climate.

For this project, Nicolas Floc'h has also designed hats called "coccolithophorhat" - Global warming protection hat - based on double umbrella coccolites, both a tribute to the ocean and a symbolic object of protection against global warming. The hats are presented as sculptures in the exhibition space, but are also activated during performances.

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