Jyll Bradley

Lovers, neighbours, friends

12 May - 9 June 2012

artconnexion is pleased to announce the first exhibition in France of the British artist Jyll Bradley (b.1966, UK).

Light is a constant agent within Jyll Bradley’s work encompassing photography, installation, text and drawing.

Central to her practice is the form of the light box which she uses for its reference to both advertising and Minimalism. In her work, light acts as a protagonist, drawing together the photographic, the literary and the sculptural to create dynamic spaces for inquiry into identity, belief and choice. Her work often employs pairings and a/symmetry, suggesting lovers, or the interdependency of one element upon another.

Bradley’s drawings, made with simple light sources such as the photocopier, are intimate allies of her light box works and are formed from the ephemera (paper, fragments of text) used in the making of those larger pieces. These drawings, playing with pictorial space and imprinted by the fleeting human presence of the Rorschach (inkblot) could be said to explore the hidden spaces within the light boxes, suggesting a desire to unpack their luminosity and further become part of their drama.

French writers and thinkers such as Marcel Proust have played an important role in Bradley’s work since her days as a young artist at Goldsmiths College. This exhibition draws together a distinct group of works inspired by her long-standing interest.

For the exhibition at artconnexion a small publication will be published in French and English with a text by Roger Malbert, Senior Curator, Hayward Touring, London.

In parallel to the exhibition, Jyll Bradley will present her response to a commission at Lille University Hospital (CHRU) to transform a major access corridor, as part of the New Patrons scheme initiated by the Fondation de France.