Jim Buckley, Cathy Wilkes and Edward Stewart

L'imaginaire irlandais

4 - 19 May 1996

How can an artist intervene in the city? What room is left in an environment already saturated with images and objects? Jim Buckley likes to draw our attention to the ordinary aspects of the world and to transform them momentarily.
For this project, he intervened in twenty-one telephone boxes in Lille city centre. At dusk, these monuments intrigue passers-by because of the light which makes them stand out in the urban landscape. An atmosphere mauve created with the use of filters, is more inductive of communication. The artist proves that banality can become mysterious, magic almost.

Cathy Wilkes operates on a more intimate level with her paintings, some of which are no more than five millimetres wide. The question of scale escapes us.
These thirteen sculpture-paintings alternate in colours and shapes. The single horizontal line of three-dimensional monochromes, these grid paintings are undoubtedly a nod to the history of abstract painting, referring to other compositions.

With his filmed documentation of performances, Edward Stewart, questions the limit of the body and explores a territory of possibilities and experience.
He cannot resist, like others before him, the challenge of the void... A first video shows a series of jumps with the perpetual resurrection of the artist.
In Lille, when he hangs from the bridge that links the two train stations, 12 metres off the ground, he defies once again Newton, provoking intolerable suspense... He knows our fascination and taste for fear.
It is not a photomontage à la Klein, but a video, recording a suicidal act which never actually happens - since Edward Stewart is merely playing with the immateriality of the void.