Janusz Stega and Abazedatome


23 May 2009

At the request of the City of Lille and the Faubourg de Béthune district town hall, as part of the Festive Europe events, Janusz Stega, an artist of Polish origin, and Mohamed Azaoum of Abazedatome, a group of graffiti artists from the Faubourg de Béthune, are offering a dual performance. artconnexion, in collaboration with the Lille town hall's cultural department, has taken care of the logistics. The result of the performance is a joint ephemeral work resulting from the meeting of two worlds: contemporary art and graffiti, urban art.

Janusz Stega draws part of his inspiration from the collective memory of a past marked by the technique of interior murals in Poland. Working from engraved images taken from the heart of the city, such as sewage slabs, he questions contemporary painting, its purpose, its achievements and its context. He applies paint directly to the wall with a roller, imprinted with motifs that he makes himself.

Abazedatome executes orders for decorative frescoes for local authorities, big brand names, companies or shops and works on animations for local authorities, social centres, neighbourhood centres, prisons, etc. in order to promote the art of wall graffiti.