Galerie Rezeda

Les Bigarrures

September 24 - November 24, 2021

This project is inspired by the "receuils bigarrés" – collections of works which, during the Renaissance, gathered writings on the most diverse topics, and were displayed or distributed in public spaces by hawkers.

Designed as a periodical, Les Bigarrures is comprised of several sections* which, when tacked together with their printed texts and drawn images, form an issue or an episode. During their residency, the artists occupy the shop Opales Fringues (10, Grande Rue, Ault), which serves them as printing workshop for Les Bigarrures. The first issues and episodes of the periodical will be displayed at the shop window in the course of their publication.

*non exhaustive list of sections: La vallée des mammouths, Un livre un jour, l’Atlas des effondrements, Les placards, Les lieux dits, Pêche du jour><jour de pêche, Quartiers libres, Tableau d’honneur des chiens d’Ault, La couleur de l'eau, Objets trouvés...

Galerie Rezeda, 2021