Aux Commandes !

26 April - 17 June 2017

This exhibition presents the New Patrons programme and in particular the commissions that artconnexion has worked on recently with artists such as Jyll Bradley, les frères Chapuisat, matali crasset, Wim Delvoye, Florence Doléac, Qubo Gas, Jeppe Hein, Snøhetta, Erwin Wurm...

Since the beginning of the 1990s, the New Patrons programme initiated by the Fondation de France has reversed traditional cultural policy based on supply by offering a cultural policy based on demand.

This protocol of artistic commissioning enables those confronted with questions of society or local development to take the initiative of associating an artist with this process via the commissioning of an artwork. The originality lies in the collaboration of three players – the artist, the commissioner and the art specialist – with the support of public and private funding. Each player has a clearly defined responsibility.

Over 460 artworks have been created using this method in twenty regions of France but also in Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium and Sweden. They are initiated by hundreds of commissioning groups from civil society, from extremely diverse backgrounds, local inhabitants, neighbourhood organisations, shopkeepers, self-employed people, teachers, adolescents, students, employees, journalists or councillors. These commissions take place in a variety of contexts: urban or rural communities, social or educational establishments, public institutions (schools, hospitals, prisons), associations, public squares in cities or villages, or in the natural landscape... Situations which have given place to commissions: rural desertification, identity problems within a community, urban violence, the need to revitalise social links, for monuments and celebration, the loss of traditional activities, etc.

Hundreds of artists, often of international notoriety, have participated in the scheme, with practices such as painting, architecture, sculpture, video, design, theatre, literature, dance and music.