Art and citizenships workshops


Since March 2021, artconnexion has been developing learning activities for secondary school pupils and students around the New Patrons citizen commissions programme. The aim is to present this artistic commissioning protocol through concrete examples and practical exercises. Where possible, these classroom sessions are accompanied by outings to see works produced through the New Patrons programme.

We consider it relevant to present this commissioning methodology to young people because it questions the place of art and artists in society.

How can an artist play a part in responding to issues of territorial development, memory or solidarity?

The New Patrons programme also allows us to reflect on the notions of citizenship and democracy. Who today can commission a work of art? How can this process allow individuals to become actors in society?

The workshops can be adapted to different levels and are co-constructed with the teachers to fit their subject (French, history-geography, visual arts...) and their current teaching sequence. They can be part of both the “citizen curriculum” and the artistic and cultural education programme (PEAC).

We have already experimented with this format with a class of 3ème year students from the Chasse Royale secondary school in Valenciennes and a group of 4th year students from the ESA - École Supérieur d'Art Dunkerque-Tourcoing and the Art and Social Responsibility Master's programme at the University of Lille.