As part of a partnership with the University of Lille, artconnexion accompanies the students of the Master’s “Visual Arts” course and the Master’s “Exhibition-Production of Contemporary Art” course in the thinking, designing, implementation and communication of an exhibition in artconnexion’s “project space”.

From 9 to 27 March 2021, the exhibition Interstice∙s unfolded in three phases and three thematic chapters, which began each Tuesday.

At once a suspended moment or a restricted space between two bodies, the “interstice” here corresponds to a creative parenthesis where the exhibition materializes this time of transition, this passage from student to young professional artist.

For each exhibition, virtual visits, interviews with the artists, videos and photographs were posted on Instagram and Facebook.

THE ARTISTS: Thibault Barois, Maël De Julis, Audrey Derail, Geoffroy Didier, Marilou Fleuriet, Saraï Jaimes, Gaëtan Lefevre, Anastasia Thibault

THE CURATORIAL TEAM: Emma Saint Pol, Marie Leprêtre, Quentin Mercier, Alix Brunet, Clara Carpentier, Dahong Kim, Sarah Erentraut, Zoé Baetens, Colleen Baranger, Maxence Vannucci, Iona Thomas, Inès Chibane, Katarina Carillo, Lucas Charlier, Alexia Delamonica, Emeline Descamps, Oscar Sika Huang

This exhibition was organised in partnership with the Galerie Commune, the ESA - École Supérieure d'Art Dunkerque-Tourcoing, the CEAC - Centre d'Étude des Arts Contemporains and the University of Lille.