Yvan Le Bozec

In the sea of spelling

12 - 28 September 1997

The letter "Y", recurrent in Yvan Le Bozec's work, is both the initial of his first name and a drawing. What is the value of this letter? A sign, a signature of the artist, it is in any case the easily identifiable mark of his work. Wishing to "make a sign", the artist integrates the "Y" into his work, its shape recalling the human silhouette, thus creating a dynamic around the trilogy: artist, work, spectator.

If the work on the letter Y raises the question of the artist's ego, the coincidence between the Greek letter and the posture of the hand in the deaf-mute alphabet suggests a mental transfer, the passage to another intellectual domain. Le Bozec also indulges in some Duchampian rebus "YVAN Y VA" (Yvan loves you).

Although playful, the irony is didactic while tending towards the universal in a sometimes mischievous complicity with the reader-spectator.

Words, letters and drawings, but also humour, lightness and derision that transcend reality into multiple levels of possible meanings. It is not simply interaction between words and images, signs and reality, artist and work, but rather a process of exploring the various relationships between these elements.

For his exhibition at artconnexion, Yvan Le Bozec presents several recent works, including one "around" wallpaper. "The use of wallpaper brings me close to other practices of the "installation" order. Perhaps in this sense I could do the stencil directly on the wall, in an unstable balance at the top of a ladder. But the performance, however modest, bores me. So I prefer to postpone the thing, to rely on the familiar and somewhat cushy way of putting up the wallpaper at home. "

Yvan Le Bozec, extract from the exhibition catalogue "Tiens-Y", Galerie du Chai, Saint-Brieuc, 1994