Simon Patterson

Colour Match & Manned Flight

11 - 13 May 2001

First solo exhibition of the artist in France.

During the weekend of Friday 11 to Sunday 13 May 2001, Manned flight (giant kite - homage to Yuri Gagarin) was presented on the façade of the Centrale des œuvres, on the Place aux Oignons.

This 6 metre-long kite refers to Yuri Gagarine, the first man sent in space who died in a mundane plane accident. He became a truly legendary figure, and his celebrety was shamelessly exploited by the political leaders of the day. Presented in a succesion of locations across the world, Simon Patterson's kite willl finish its travel near Moscow at the place where Gargarine's accident occured.

Broadcast in Lille, rue des Vieux-Murs, the work Le match des couleurs, using sound and image, was produced in 2000 by artconnexion and the Vassivière Art Centre. Football match results are announced by the famous French football commentator, Eugène Saccomano of Europe1 radio station, between teams that confront one another as colours (using the HTML colour scale as a reference).