Simon Faithfull

An expanded atlas of subjectivity

21 March - 28 April 2012

artconnexion presents An expanding atlas of subjectivity, an exhibition of more than 800 drawings by Simon Faithfull, british artist living in Berlin.

Simon Faithfull travels the world and sketches pixelated patterns on his Palm Pilot. In 2011, artconnexion, in partnership with the maritime company P&O, invited him for a residency on a ferry between Calais and Dover. During one week of continuous channel crossings, the artist made new drawings in this aquatic “no man's land” between France and Great-Britain.

A new tailor-made iPhone application was then launched. It enables the artist to present and deliver his digital drawings live to the user, as soon as they are made. They are also delivered live to the internet website called Limbo. The Limbo project offers a personal atlas of the world; Simon Faithfull's individual experience of time and space is mapped and translated by a live flux of images.

The exhibition An expanding atlas of subjectivity presented at artconnexion offers a new approach of Simon Faithfull's works. His digital drawings are printed out and gain some materiality. A catalogue-multiple will be published on-demand. Its number of pages will increase as new drawings are produced.