Nedko Solakov

Some Newly-Born Utopias

13 March - 16 May 2009

Since the beginning of the 1980's, Nedko Solakov, (born 1957, Tcherven Briag, Bulgaria, lives in Sofia) has adopted a critical, ironic and humorous attitude towards his lived experience with painting, photography, drawing, video, performance and writing. His texts are a knowing mix of criticism and naivety, burlesque and melancholy, autobiographical and universal.

Some Newly-Born Utopias presents short stories directly on the wall, around and in relation to the characteristics of the project space. Nedko Solakov creates worlds in which several levels of reality overlap and where systems of political and aesthetical representations are confronted. The artwork Encyclopedia Utopia created in 1990 (and presented in the XXL exhibition at the Tri Postal, Lille), hinted at the failure of the totalitarian political system. With the hindsight of almost twenty years, Nedko Solakov's project at artconnexion muses on the very notion of Utopia: an invitation to enter a poetical environment and engage with hopes and aspirations, with funny and often absurd situations - based on his meticulous observation of human foibles.