Laure Prouvost

16 October - 14 November 2020

artconnexion invites you to encounter the work of Laure Prouvost with a selection of works (installations, tapestry, video, painting, ceramics) - an opportunity to explore the artist’s elusive and enigmatic universe.

In her work, Laure Prouvost questions the boundaries between the real and the imaginary, between fiction and truth. Using English and French, the artist highlights the capacity of language to be both a source of communication and confusion. All of her work is inhabited by fantastically normal characters (grandmother and grandfather) and strange everyday objects (tea cups, teapot, etc.)

The exhibition at artconnexion occupies the house in old town Lille and plays on the domestic function. The spectator is immersed in a cosy space resembling an English dining room at tea time. Familiar objects are scattered around, suspended as if hanging in time. They constitute a series of clues left to the viewer's imagination.