Kenny Hunter

Animal Virtues

17 September - 17 October 2004

For his first solo exhibition in France, Scottish artist Kenny Hunter presents an installation of three sculptures created “in situ” for artconnexion.

Two pieces are presented at artconnexion and one in the lobby of the Hôtel de Ville. They evoke the proximity of urban animal species often considered a problem, such as rats and pigeons, which have adapted to live in the wake of man. This new work raises the eternal question of differences and the superiority of Man over Nature.

“If you are looking for the origins of the word 'ethics', look at the lives of animals. The roots of this word are to be found in the virtues of animals. Men cannot live well without the virtues they share with animals." John Gray

Kenny Hunter's work builds on the traditional historical and political ambitions of ancient or classical figurative sculpture while using a sculptural language appropriate to today's culture.

Known and recognized for his depictions of contemporary political figures, he also works on the aesthetics and universality of human emotions through the history and evolution of different nations.