Jan Kopp

Change a Minute - The Drunkenness of the Tiger

30 September - 6 October 2008

artconnexion presented Jan Kopp's video work Changing a Minute at 9 rue du Cirque. Commissioned by the Lycée Européen Montebello, this project was realized in 2003 within the framework of the Fondation de France's New Patrons programme.

More information about the commission can be found here.

During the exhibition, the series of drawings L'ivresse du tigre was also on display.

L'ivresse du tigre brings together a series of mixed media works on paper mixing drawings, watercolours, gouaches, photographs, borrowed and heterogeneous elements, cut out, glued, put in contact. These associations, multiple, surprising, strange, are deployed on several levels and several layers.

Felines, birds and animals of all kinds, buildings and urban landscapes, planes, stars and planets, images related to art, theatre or dance are widely represented.

These multiple layers and the recurrence of elements indicate the existence of a set of cross-references between the different drawings, made through the use and reuse of common sources of images. These images, created specifically for this work or taken from other works by the artist and reactivated through their integration into the drawings, are more the result of production than borrowing. This posture corresponds more to a conception of art as the invention of forms (not necessarily plastic, by the way) that dialogue and communicate with each other, rather than as a commentary.

These drawings mark the existence of an autonomous, free and spontaneous research and production space, a necessary and complementary working space, full of strength and poetry, which is an integral part of Jan Kopp's work.