Ingrid Toogood Hovland

Dazzled by the Sun

18 November - 19 December 2009

"My exhibition at Artconnexion consists of a large installation combined with paintings on canvas.

I let my two-dimensional paintings develop into spatial tableaus by using scenic elements. The flat walls overlap each-other, to form an illusion of depth and space. Their silhouettes produce the necessary atmosphere and environmental elements that enhances the sense of depth and space in the paintings. My art revolves around and expresses elements taken from dreams and nightmares.

As in my earlier works, my focus is on elements borrowed from litterature, tales and stories, myth, and film. I use expressions from a variety of epochs and gengre, and meld them together into static dream-sequences.

In my earlier installations, I have formally relied only on a fixed viewing angle, - a trompe l'oeil. However, in this exhibition, I wish to challenge that concept by placing the scenic elements centrally, so that also the back-walls can function as graphic expressions and prictures. I also plan to introduce transparent materials, such as acrylic plates, in order of achieving more complex and perhaps looser compositions, with the aim of making the installation express dissolution and a sense of immaterialism."

Ingrid Toogood Hovland