Hamish Fulton


3 March 2010 (Margate) and 8 November 2010 (Boulogne-sur-Mer)

Born in 1946, Hamish Fulton has been travelling all over the world whilst engaging in walks that he experiences as solitary performances. A graduate of Saint Martin's School in London, Hamish Fulton decided very early on to draw on long walks as the material for his work and has developed a privileged relationship with nature and the environment.

Hamish Fulton has recently started to share these walks with the public. On Thursday 29 January 2009, forty people took part in a group art walk in Canterbury led by artist. The walk followed a circular route around the outside perimeter of Canterbury's original city walls. The only stipulations to participants were that the walk must be undertaken in silence, in single file, and maintaining a distance of approximately 4 metres between each person.

As part of the face2face European project, the Turner Contemporary in Margate organised a second walk on 3 March 2010 to which artconnexion brought a class of French high school students from Lille.

Over 200 people braved the cold to take part in a group walk with Hamish Fulton around the Marine Bathing Pool, Margate on the morning of 3 March. Participants completed seven circuits of the pool wall, walking in silence and maintaining a distance of a meter from the person in front of them.

Seen from the promenade, the walkers appeared to trace a continuous line on the beach while for those taking part, the experience was described as being peaceful, meditative and serene.

Finally, artconnexion invited the artist to create a third and final performance in the former Boulogne-sur-Mer ferry terminal on 8 November 2010. Hamish Fulton invited a hundred people to occupy this uninhabited space for a “slow walk” and to live a unique experience, allowing for reflection and meditation.