Dalziel + Scullion

The Way Stations

14 February - 14 March 1999

The series of photographs entitled The Way Stations attract our attention because it breaks the balance between reality (admittedly here supposed reality) and its twin replica.

What are we looking at : a view of snowcovered mountains or icing sugar scattered over a rocky coast? Are we face to face with futuristic architectural forms or in front of strange reminiscences of kitchen equipment and ordinary articles from a hardware store? And this grey surface which make us think of a plaque and partly obscures our view of a picturesque loch : is it part or a building, or part of a gate? Is its high-tech cladding part of a structure keeping us out of a sensitive military zone or of one enclosing and protecting an area of outstanding natural beauty? Is it a tourist hotel, or a Ministry of Defence installation? The introduction to landscapes of man-made structures (which are simultaneously similar to and dissimilar from those we have encountered elsewhere) typifies this work by Dalziel and Scullion.

Matthew Dalziel and Louise Scullion are Scottish based artists working with sculpture, photography, video and sound exploring new ways to engage with the subjects of, the environment and ecology.