Chris Evans

Radical Loyalty

20 March - 3 April 2004

Chris Evans' work is based on the establishment of collaborations between artists and international companies, which he makes concrete in the form of sculptures, silk-screen prints, advertising inserts and sound recordings. Some of his works exist only at a conceptual level. It is about the creation of networks between groups of people scattered around Europe and elsewhere, about the connection of ideas.

Järvakandi is a small industrial town in central Estonia, which Chris Evans visited during a trip to Eastern Europe. In 2002 he acquired 1200 m2 of vacant land in the town centre, next to the market square, to use as the headquarters of a new organisation called Radical Loyalty. This organisation brings together directors of international companies from different sectors: trade, telecommunications, energy, advertising and finance. In interviews with the boards of these companies, Evans asked each member to describe what the word 'loyalty' meant in their personal lives, and to explain how the notion of loyalty could be considered radical, absolute, and how it could then be translated into a sculptural form.

These ideas were 'translated' into silkscreen by Evans and then proposed to a collective of Estonian artists, who were in charge of building the country's monuments during the Soviet regime. Chris Evans hired these artists to create these works in a sculpture park on his land.

At artconnexion, this exhibition, the artist's first in France, presents the Radical Loyalty project in the form of a "work in progress", through the model of one of the sculptures, the signage of the park and the artist's image of the finished site.