Catherine Melin

Montagnes russes (roller coasters)

23 April - 29 May 2010

Following her residency in Russia (Moscow, Perm and Ekaterinburg), the artist Catherine Melin showed an exhibition of installation, drawings and videos.

“While travelling through Moscow, Perm and Ekaterinburg, I became interested in the “backyards” of buildings. In crossing these grounds, I discovered that another route through the city is possible, a sort of urban “off-road” route.

These places have different urban furniture, mainly play structures, and are occupied by different populations depending on the time of day. They offer a different point of view on the city, a sort of interstice between the built environment, where the residents cross or stop in a space out of time against a background of urban architecture. The play structures invite improbable bodily movements, they are a counterpoint to the architecture by drawing open spaces to the measure of the bodies, asking questions about movement in space, the articulation of the body and the urban space.

These spaces served as a framework for different types of experiments with dancers and “tracers” (Parkour). These micro-events were filmed in 16mm, 8mm and video.

The shots are worked on in order to build a specific approach where different types of works respond to each other; film, sound, drawing, structures/sculptures. The aim is to re-create an optical and sound landscape in movement, with its own spatial and temporal modalities. "

Catherine Melin