Adrien Tirtiaux

Urban Matters

4 February - 18 March 2017

Belgian artist Adrien Tirtiaux has devised a site-specific project for artconnexion following his residency in January 2017.

Adrien Tirtiaux was born in Brussels in 1980 and now lives in Antwerp. He studied architecture before taking up art at the Akademie der bildenden Künste of Vienna where he specialized in sculpture and performance. Since then, his principal field of investigation is space: both the public realm and the exhibition space. His installations, sculptures, drawings and performances respond to the close analysis of the space he is to occupy. He transforms the space, creating new « scenarios », falsely pragmatic constructions which act as small-scale utopias.

The work of Adrien Tirtiaux had been exhibited at the Kunsthalle of Sao Paulo (2016), l’ikob, Eupen (2014) and the Villa Merkel, Esslingen am Neckar (2012). He has par- ticipated in group exhibitions at De Appel, Amsterdam (2016), Extra City, Antwerp (2016), MNAC, Bucarest (2015), Malmö Konsthal (2013), Secession, Vienna (2012), Manifesta 7, Rovereto (2008).

The exhibition Urban Matters is a new chapter of Adrien Tirtiaux’s research into the public realm, which is also one of artconnexion’s main interests. A series of massive sculptures demonstrates his method of working with the urban fabric, as do his three interventions in situ. The specific features of « 9 rue du cirque » and the immediate surroundings are taken as various opportunities of diversion, intrusion and interfe- rence. Adrien Tirtiaux plays with the delimitations of the exhibition space, disturbing the usual functions of the building and blurring the borders between the inside and the outside.

Finally the whole building is considered as material, treated as matter and revealed to be both porous and opaque, implying a conception of the city as a malleable space.