Résidence P&O/ Marjorie Van Halteren

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Juin 2010

Résidence P&O/ Marjorie Van Halteren/ Calais-Douvres

Dans le cadre d'un partenariat avec P&O Ferries, artconnexion propose à plusieurs artistes une résidence "perlée" sur un ferry.

"When  told the British woman who checked my passport for  P and O  that I was an artist, riding the ferry back and forth all day for two days, she was rather surprised. when I told her why, she was even more so. "Sound? On the ferry? All I can imagine is screaming children." I replied that the last time I had been on the ferry, I had noticed that the sounds were in fact very interesting, and many very subtle. I had been thinking of the multi-harmonic drone of the machinery, the cries of the gulls, the water.

In fact, in actually doing it with my sensitive microphone, I found that it was really very noisy, fascinating, and sometimes quite violent.

Each side of the channel has a voice. I managed to eavesdrop.
French children parrot their teachers, obsessively practicing "hello, hello" - while on the other end, the English children practice "bonjour, bonjour." There is much anticipation during the crossing in each direction, as the respective foreign shore comes into view. It is surprising that the whole boat doesn't list in the water from the weight of the people at the window in the front. The laughter and cries of little angels.

And in the middle, violent sounds of a passage through - not exactly a hell, perhaps, but at least a kind of purgatory. A violent shaking to and fro with the force of an earthquake...the two cultures are geographically so close, but so extremely different, estranged. But they meet each other with courage. and they go through something to do it." Marjorie Van Halteren