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Face2face Cross Channel Laboratory

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•    Contemporary art is making new links with tourism and can impact in terms of image and identity, and may be indicative of urban renewal. By offering a new outlook on the landscape, heritage sites, and local culture, contemporary art can underline the changes and development of a territory and bring a new understanding and experience of place. 

•    Since Lille, Capital of Culture in 2004, and the on-going festival Lille 3000, culture is now linked to the festive, spectacular, anecdotic or sensational. Contemporary art increasingly plays a role in revealing social relationships, transcending the real and inviting us to look at things differently. How are these new demands being met by contemporary art organisations – which in Lille are sometimes finding it difficult to find their place within the remit of "cultural animation".

•    What is the impact of the tourism agenda on funding for art? Certain permanent art commissions can justify their existence and find funding because they can be incorporated into a tourist circuit.

•    What are the expectations for the tourism industry when programming smaller arts organisations on the tourist circuits whose venues are often small, with exhibitions and events that are shorter than major museum exhibitions?

Working seminar organised as part of face2face, Interreg IVa 2 Seas European programme, financed by Culturesfrance / Communauté Urbaine de Lille and Interreg Iva.

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