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Hamish Fulton Kent Walk 2, Margate

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Dans le cadre du projet face2face, le Turner Contemporary de Margate organise une performance avec l'artiste Hamish Fulton. artconnexion organise un parcours sur deux jours afin d'amener du public de la région Nord-Pas de Calais à y participer.

Une première "marche"  avait eu lieu à Canterbury en janvier 2009 où 40 participants avaient pris part à la marche menée par l'artiste Hamish Fulton autour de l'ancien Hôtel de Ville.

Le 3 mars 2010, deux cent personnes ont pris part à la deuxième partie de ce projet réalisé à Margate. Les participants ont réalisé sept tours d'une piscine d'eau de mer pendant environ une heure.

Les participants marchaient au même rythme et à égale  distance les uns des autres traçant ainsi une ligne continue sur la plage. La performance a été vécue par tous comme  un moment de paix et de méditation.

Parcours réalisé dans le cadre du projet face2face, programme Interreg IVa, 2 mers.

Over 200 people braved the cold to take part in a group walk with Hamish Fulton around the Marine Bathing Pool, Margate on the morning of 3 March. Participants completed seven circuits of the pool wall, walking in silence and maintaining a distance of a meter from the person in front of them.

Seen from the promenade, the walkers appeared to trace a continuous line on the beach while for those taking part, the experience was described as being peaceful, meditative and serene.

On Thursday 29 January 2009, forty people took part in a group art walk in Canterbury led by artist Hamish Fulton. The walk followed a circular route around the outside perimeter of Canterbury's original city walls. The only stipulations to participants were that the walk must be undertaken in silence, in single file, and maintaining a distance of approximately 4 metres between each person.


Hamish Fulton's art focuses on an engagement with the environment and the self through the experience of walking. He describes himself as a 'walking artist' resisting the limitations of the terms 'land artist', 'performance artist' or sculptor. In exhibitions he has often produced photography, text work and sketches that evolve from the experience of a particular walk. For Fulton, "walking is an art form in its own right, its does not have to be a lesser form of land art". Since deciding to "only make art resulting from the experience of individual walks", Hamish Fulton has walked in over 25 countries for over three decades. His influeces are vast with interests including the culture of American Indians and the mindfulness and meditation of Buddhists monks. For 2 days in 2009 he was the oldest British person to have summated Mount Everest and while he does not claim to be a climber or mountaineer his walks have increasingly embraced the challenge of summiting some of the world's largest mountains. Among these expeditions, documented in a recent exhibition at Hausler Contemporary Zurich, was A Guided Mountaineering Expedition to the Summit of Denali at 20.320 Ft, Alaska May-June 2004, entitled 'This is Not Land Art'

Hamish Fulton currently lives in Canterbury.
Born: 1946
Studied 1964-69 Hammersmith College of Art, London
St. Martin's School of Art, London
Royal College of Art, London

9 rue du Cirque, 59000 Lille, France
+33 (0)3 20 21 10 51

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